Reporting from Roswell

Weekly program archives + Alt News, Health, Conspiracy & Commentary links that I may not have time to mention on-air.

Also includes "Destination Roswell" Upcoming Events (monthly), and 2017 Roswell UFO Festival / Ancient of Days conference updates. FYI, I'm also the author of "Come Sail Away : UFOs and the Bible" so stuff like that could be part of the mix. Get to know me better at

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE that "breaking news" could come DAILY (at times) when warranted, and I have time to pass them on to you. Emails are "irregularly scheduled" because a) I have a real job, and b) I'm a wee bit manic so can get on "kicks" at times, but then some other bright shiny object comes along and you don't hear from me at all. BUT please don't complain about spam or "too much email" if/when that happens, just politely unsubscribe if you no likey, and go in peace.

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